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Decorating set with mini hole punches

Punching and stamping set

10-piece set for being creative and working with materials such as paper and card
Various templates with different punches and stamps
Suitable for children 3+

Set includes:

Punching: WK/AC-240

  • 1 pair of contour scissors
  • 1 corner punch with guide rail (removable)
  • 1 edge punch with format rail
  • 1 design punch, size approx. 15 mm
  • 6 design punches, size approx. 10 mm
  • Range of colours: blue and yellow
  • Punches with ABS casing and metal mechanism
  • Punches with lever and cover attached to the base to catch the punched material.
  • Carry case

Punching and stamping set: WK/AC-297

  • 1 hand punch for punching and stamping shapes
  • 4 design punches for stamping paper
  • 4 design punches for punching paper
  • 2 edge punches with cover on the base
  • Punches with ABS casing and metal mechanism
  • Carry case

Operating instructions: